About our company

Sprinter transmissions was started to provide Sprinter van owners quality remanufactured transmissions. And with that being said, we have a strong history in the transmission industry.

In 1971 Steve Freeman started Steve's Transmission in Kansas City, Missouri. Steve was a transmission builder for various GM dealers. In the 1960's, he was also working as a teacher with a technicial training school for independent shops at nights and weekends. Steve was the main builder with a part time installation technician.The first couple of years were lean to say the least, but when you do great work and treat your customer with fair prices you build a strong following.

Over the next 5 years the business grew, Steve needed help and hired another full time builder and the part time installation tech became full time along with another technician.

In 1978, Steve's oldest son Steve Jr. joined the business like his father then he became the main builder under Steve's teaching skills. Business was growing and Steve was so proud when his second son Carl came on board. Furthering to learn the installation field before later moving on to learn building skills from his father.

In 1979, Steve's had out grown the space and expanded over twice its size, with his last two sons joining the team, Terry became a builder and John became an installation technician.
Growth of Steve's Transmission continued to grow in 1980 to 3 full time builders and 4 installation technicians and a porter while Steve ran the front office.

In 1981, we moved the company to Houston Texas where Steve and his 4 sons opened Air World Transmission wanting to keep with Houston's "space city" roots. Steve's sons went on to open their own shops and in 2003 opened a transmission parts company. Steve passed away in 1999 and his son John has continued to move forward with the goals and traditions.

John was running the front office and has been building since 1981 , he is a hands on owner and very involved in the day to day running of the business.

In 2005, John's son Jeremy joined the business and became a installation technician. He is learning the business that he will someday own and pass on to his son.

In 2012, John's daughter Nicole joined the team, she is in control of office duties including invoice and warranty paper work, shipping and receiving return cores . ​She is learning inventory control and helps control spending.

Transmission's and the business have changed greatly since the 1960's.

We started sprintertransmissions.net to meet the needs of sprinter commercial van and truck owners. We understand your vehicles go farther and run longer than the competition.
We want to make sure we keep you on the road, shifting gears for years to come. We have made a strong commitment to keep up with the market. Investing in the best equipment and training, we do our own research and development to improve the overall function of every model of transmission we service .
Our business depends customer satisfaction and referrals
with 40 years behind us. Shouldn't your next transmission come from experts at sprintertransmissions.net?

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