Warranty policy

Sprintertransmissions.net offers a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty on all of our remanufactured sprinter/mercedes 722.6 & 722.9 transmissions. Our warranty terms are as follows:

1) This warranty covers entire transmission due to defective workmanship.
It does not cover installation, shipping, towing, loss of earnings, per diem expenses,
Substitute transporation, or any other claims of any other nature whatsoever.
sprintertransmissions.net liability under this warranty is limited to replacing
Or repairing damaged and/or defective parts , or refunding the amount of the repair.
Repair, replace, or refunding,Option is at the sole discretion of sprintertransmissions.net.

2) The work performed can fail due to no fault of sprintertransmissions.net. Systems,
parts, and accessories related to, but not a part of the transmission, can fail after the
transmission repair is completed, causing malfunctions, damage or even failure, to
The transmission, torque converter, or seals. We cannot predict such failures and
neither can we guarantee such failures.

3) Related parts and accessories- These items are not normally included in the price
Of a transmission repair, unless they are specifically mentioned on your repair
Order. If these item(s) are not specifically mentioned on the repair order, then they
Are not covered, nor are any other problems or damage their failure may cause.

4) Warranty does not cover shipping costs and damage caused by
improper transmission installation

1)Sprintertransmissions.net is not responsible for the following items unless they are
specifically replaced, and mentioned on your repair order.
2) Computers, sensors, wiring or other electronic controls outside the transmission.
3) Cables, linkages, or other transmission controls.
4) Radiator, cooler lines, or transmission cooler.
5) Engine and/or transmission mounts
6) Universal joints, rubber flex joints, drivelines.
7) Any damage to the transmission caused by neglect, abuse, misuse, or
continued Driving with a known problem, is specifically excluded under the terms of this warranty.
8) Failure to have the maintenance service performed every one year or 30,000 miles with correct fluids by a qualified sprinter service center, unless you are more than 50 miles away. In which case, failure to maintain proper records of such service will void this warranty. If another shop performs maintenance, they will be
responsible for pan gasket leaks or problems arising from their service. The service MUST
replace the fluid, pan gasket (if so equipped) and the filter (if so equipped) The practice of
diluting the fluid via cooler lines, like so many Quick Lubes advertise, DOES NOT consitute
a legitimate service and will classify as a failure to properly maintain your transmission.
9) Odometer that shows signs of tampering, or is inoperative, shall only have a 12 month warranty
From the date of the original repair.


1) Check the transmission fluid level once a week for the first month, every 90 days thereafter.
If you EVER have to add any fluid you have a leak and must contact sprintertransmissions.net for
warranty service. Transmission damage due to low fluid level is owner neglect and is not
2) Save all receipts and invoices to document proper service. This is a requirement of the
3) Customer must return to a qualified sprinter service center once a year for test drive and inspection for leaks and fluid check.

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